Darius campaigning for us through lies, poor performance, says APC

By Chuwang Dungs, Jalingo

The Taraba State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) said on Friday in Jalingo, that Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku is campaigning for the party through his consistent lies and non performance and that Tarabians were waiting for the party to take over power in 2023.
The state party chairman Barrister Ibrahim Tukur El-Sudi, stated this while lashing at Darius for claiming that he has visible projects to his credit in all the 168 wards across the country.
While addressing Journalists in Jalingo he said governor Darius statement that he has executed visible projects in the 168 wards in the state, during an interview with Channel Television, was false, baseless, unfounded and irresponsible.
The state opposition leader said the lies and poor performance of Darius is the major factor of the misfortune PDP is facing in the state and is adding more value to the APC at all levels.
He noted that the ruling PDP in the state were, at the moment, campaigning for the APC as Tarabians were currently hungry and tired of lies.
According to him, Tarabians are tired of the PDP and eagerly waiting for us (the APC) to put our house in order in which we are in the process.
The former lawmaker admitted that the party made mistakes during the last election which was characterized with ethnic and religious sentiments, noting that the party had learnt its lessons.
“A reconciliation committee has been set up under the leadership of high Chief Ezekiel Afikunya, to reach out to all aggrieved persons in the part and they are working hard round the clock.”
El-Sudi noted that the party had a duty to satisfy the yearnings of many hopeless Tarabians who had seen the APC as an alternative platform to take over power in 2023.
El-Sudi who said the governor maladministration has led to the total collapsed of his predecessors gigantic projects like, the stadium, Taraba Motel and many hospitals across the state has no functional project to his credit.
“None of the hospitals are optimally operating, they are just barely surviving because even the upkeep which they are supposed to get to keep them functioning, they don’t even get it on time.”
Adding that “all the hospitals in this state are merely consulting clinics as at today.”
According to him the governor is only being economical with the truth, petty and resorting to politics of lies and propaganda to score cheap popularity.
He then challenged the governor to embark on a media tour with Journalists across the state and show them those projects he claimed to have executed.
While declaring the party’s readiness and determination to adopt legitimate ways to  “debunk what the governor has told the world ” they said we are challenging him to roll out the score cards of what he has done in the state.
“Let him stop all this lies and propaganda and be man enough to conduct media practitioners in the state round the projects he is claiming to have put in place in the entire 168 wards.”

While lamenting the sad situation in the state, he noted that “as at today only twelve local government councils have received their June salaries and even those at the state level are being paid in phases”
According to him the governor need to desist from telling lies and be upright,  for the growth of the state, “we are calling on the Taraba state governor to stop telling the world what he has not done.”
He said the governor can continue telling lies but everybody in Taraba State, irrespective of religious, tribes and party affiliations knows that the liar and they are regretting voting for him.
“Tarabians are in penury and in pains that we elected somebody who came to tell lies to Nigerians that he had worked” He said.

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