Nasarawa State Accountant General Hails Engr. Sule’s Commitment to Workers’ Welfare

The Nasarawa State Accountant General, Rt. Hon. Musa Ahmed Muhammad has showered praises on Engr. Sule for his unwavering commitment to the welfare of workers in the state. The Accountant General’s commendation comes on the heels of the Governor’s consistent payment of salaries and pensions, provision of training opportunities, and recognition of workers’ contributions.

According to him, Engr. Sule’s administration has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to the well-being of civil servants, ensuring that their salaries and pensions are paid promptly. This gesture, he noted, has greatly improved the standard of living of workers and their families.

The Accountant General also applauded the Governor’s initiative to provide training and development opportunities for workers, aimed at enhancing their skills and productivity. He emphasized that this move has not only boosted workers’ morale but also improved the overall efficiency of the state’s civil service.

Furthermore, Rt. Hon. Musa Ahmed Muhammad commended Engr. Sule’s recognition of workers’ efforts, stating that the Governor’s appreciation for their dedication and hard work has motivated them to strive for excellence.

The Accountant General’s praise for Engr. Sule’s worker-friendly approach is a testament to the Governor’s commitment to creating a positive work environment and improving the lives of civil servants in Nasarawa State. His legacy as a worker-friendly Governor is indeed a laudable achievement, worthy of emulation by other leaders.

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