Why Envuluanza should replace Senator Akwashiki at the Nat’l Assembly

By Ibrahim Mohammad, Lafia
A renown philanthropist and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Barr. Danladi Halilu Envulu’Anza has vowed to change the narrative of infrastructure deficit, economic stagnation and lack of responsive representation in Nasarawa North District, if elected to the red chamber of the National Assembly in 2023.

Envulu’Anza is one of the strongest challenger of the incumbent Senator, Godiya Akwashiki, who is also seeking to return to the red chamber for the second time.

Envulu’Anza, a former secretary of the National Judicial Commission (NJC) and a gubernatorial aspirant in the 2019 election, furthert assured of a responsive representation that would translate into tangible gains for his constituents when in the Nigerian Senate.
The aspirations of Envulu’Anza to contest for the senate seat is being interpreted or misinterpreted in many quarters, linking it to the crisis between the duo three years ago, wheras, according to Envulu’Anza campaign organization for senate, says, the intention to contest for the senate seat was to provide quality service to the people and nothing more.

Envulu’Anza who has been a friend of the APC National Chairman, Senator Abudullahi Adamu, and had their path crossed on many issues relating to legal matters, he’s alleged to be banking on their friendship to secure the APC ticket for the senate seat.
Also, when in active service as the NJC secretary, Envulu’Anza was also alleged to have favoured Abudullahi Adamu to emerge victory on some election cases, when Adamu was the Governor of the state for eight years.

Another possible aspect jittering the mind of many was that, Envulu’Anza, before the APC national convention in Abuja, bought the National Chairmanship form to Adamu in solidarity, where many, in their opinion sees it as a way to lure the APC National Chairman in securing the ticket for the senate.

Be that as it may, in spite of all the issues emanating, since he indicated interest for the Senate seat, Envulu’Anza did not shift focus, but was rather resolute in his quest, pressing the necessary buttons, and in consultations with party stakeholders to emerge the party flag bearer for the Senate seat.

In the entire history of Nassarawa Eggon, vis-avis the state in general, no body, either business man or politician that is so open handed and generous like Envulu’Anza. His support to people cut across the state, irrespective of ones tribes, background, political affiliation, religion and status.

In fact, his good works and deeds to the people of all categories brought him more to limelight, than when he was the NJC secretary. His resident could be like to a pilgrimage, as no time people are not seen seeking for one form of support/Assistant or the other.

For instance, Nassarawa Eggon, his home town is wearing a new look every passing day, giving the massive infrastructural development projects he is embarking upon. Some of which are the rice Mill company, building of a marketing by Eggon community secondary school, shopping mall, along Aren Eggon palace road, a functioning mining company among other projects, that, if completed would address the infrastructural deficit, boost commercial activities and increase the revenue profile of the locality. This is aside from the boreholes he is digging across wards to address the age long water scarcity in the area.

Regular passerby would attest to the fact that, Nassarawa Eggon is not what it use to be some three to four years ago, largely because of his interventions projects and programme aimed alleviating the suffering of the people and developing the locality.

Without mincing word, in the history of Nassarawa Eggon, no individual, either dead or alive, in government, business or not, that has done much, or providing sucour to the people as Envulu’Anza is doing.

The yearning and aspirations of the people run through his blood, such that he detest injustice, oppression, covetousness and all manner of social ills to the people, most especially the less privileged.

A family member, told EYEWITNESS that, Envulu’Anza gesture and generousity to the people, especially those around him date back when he was growing up as a child. And he is the most respected among his peers for his simplicity, charity, fight for Justice and hardwork. Envulu’Anza who grew up in a well respected and disciplined home in Eggon land, had a sound Islamic background which guided his path to success thus far.

When he was the NJC secretary, Envulu’Anza was accused many times by some of his kingsmen and politicians for using government resources to provide relief to the people, little did they know that, it was a virtue and principle that was in practice before occupying the position.

It is important to note that, Envulu’Anza was the registrar of the Nasarawa state High Court of Justice for more than 10 years, thereafter, he left to the Federal level, where he rose to the rank of the secretary NJC, the office he occupied till retirement.

He is loved, and still being respected by many for his consistency, such that earned him political relevance, not only in his locality, but the state as a whole.

Giving his track record of achievements, attainment and supports to the people, was reasons he decided to contest the senatorial seat with senator Godiya Akwashiki among many aspirants to enable him do more to the people of the Senatorial district

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