Keffi East: Wada’s Loss Was The Wish Of The Electorates Not Anti-party – Engr Idris

Engineer Idris Mohammed Idris was a former executive chairman of Keffi LGC and also a one-time commissioner of Special education in the state. In this exclusive interview with our correspondent DAVID DARI, he spoke on issues ranging from speculations that he was amongst those who contributed to the downfall of Engr. Wada Adamus at the recently concluded NSHA elections for Keffi East constituency, he also denied allegations that APC Stakeholders within Keffi did anti party activities during the said election, his wishes for Sen. Aadmu and Hon. Wadada to clinch the positions of learder in the red chamber and minister of the federal republic respectively.
2019 general elections is now history. In Keffi LGA I was made to understand that the issue of anti party prevailed during the state House of Assembly election for Keffi East constituency. As an APC Stakeholder in Keffi what is your take on this?
Thank you very much for this question. As you rightly said 2019 elections is now history, what remains now is for those who scaled through to do the needful and we are wishing them success and for those who couldn’t,  let them look at their deficiencies and make corrections for future elections. One thing about politics is the way and manner you carry people along . As you are aware I was an executive chairman for Keffi LGA not only once but twice. At that time the mandate was given to me by my people and by the grace of God I was able to manage the tempo by doing what was right through the means of carrying them along in the scheme of things. And by so doing we were able to achieve a lot for the electorates according to party manifestos.
So I am calling on those who lost out at the just concluded general elections to bear with the situation because that is what politics is all about. So as far as what happened in Keffi during the said election was concerned it was what the people want because in Keffi nobody imposes candidates on us at the detriment of the people. Above all, PMB, before the just concluded general elections, he said people should be allowed to vote for those who have the zeal to lead and those who can be able to touch the lives of the majority and the downtrodden Nigerian citizens. And that was the replica of what he said that occurred in Keffi during the last election.

So in a nutshell your are saying that APC stakeholders including yourself in  Keffi didn’t partake in the said anti party?
As far as I am concerned Keffi LGA remains the home of APC. What really happened during the said election was not an issue of anti party rather it was anti person, because once you are with your people and they have seen what they want in you there will be no problem. It is people that make a political party and not party that makes people or individuals. The person that you are talking about who happened to defected to SDP from APC Engr. Abdullazis S K was a member of APC and I don’t think he will continue to remain in SDP because there were problems some where during their APC primary election. Gone are the days where politicians will go and source money and buy electorates’ mandate. Now electorates, once they discover that a contestant is not carrying them along they willdisgrace such politician at the poll. So Engr. Abdullazis S K felt that some abnormalities occurred during their primary election when he was in APC and his followers advised him to defect to SDP and to God be the glory he defeated Engr. Wada. It will Interest you to know that we in Keffi are 100 percent in APC and we will continue to  be loyal to the party. So I want to use this medium to call on those at the top of affairs that whatever they want to do let it be justifiable, let them have the feelings of the people, let them have the fear of God and do what is right. For example when CPC then came on board it was not as if everybody was in the party, but what happened was that people saw the qualities in Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al Makura and at that time there was problem in PDP under the leadership of Late Alhaji Aliyu Akwe Doma and there was protest votes in favour of Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al Makura and after a successful accomplishment of his first tenure the people of Nasarawa State reelected him for the second tenure due to his performances as his projects are spread across all the nooks and crannies of the state. So these days people look for what a politician has for them before they give him votes. So if you don’t do the needful for your electorates don’t espect miracle from them .

From what you said it means you never participated in the defeat of Hon. Wada as alliged?
I read in some pages of Newspapers and laughed over it. He didn’t only mention my name as someone that plotted for his defeat rather he also said the following were amongst: Senator Abdullahi Adamu, Hon. Ahmed Aliyu Wadada , the emir of Keffi and many others. But if truly there was something as such then he should re-examing himself. There’s no way people will gang up against someone for just no reason, afterall the election was not for us the stakeholders alone rather it was for the generality of the people of Keffi. The electorates compared the two candidates and voted for the right person who is Engr. Abdullazis Sule Danladi of SDP though spiritually in APC. In Keffi our agenda for APC remains intact. Once again I am advising leaders to always do the needful for their people or when the judgment day comes the majority will gang up and reciprocate appropriately.

Your advice for the incoming governor elect Engr. A A Sule?
As far as the people of Nasarawa State are concerned, they have decided at the polls and elected Engr. A.A Sule. People have known him in his private life and what we need in Nasarawa State is to see somebody who can be able to continue with the legacies of Alhaji Umaru Tanko Al Makura and even the ones who governed the state before him. We want continuity and by the grace of God Engr. Sule, our leader and one of the critical political stakeholders in Nasarawa State and who knows the state well will take the state to the next level positively.
Your mentor Sen. Abdullahi Adamu is vying for Senate president or the leader of the red Chambers in the coming dispensation vis a vis your friend Hon. Ahmed Aliyu Wadada eyeing to become minister of the federal republic of Nigeria. What is your take on this?
Sen. Abdullahi Adamu as you rightly said he is my leader not only my mentor. He is the leader as far as Nasarawa State is concerned. My fevernt prayer which I already started long time is that may he achieve what he wants in life, because once he achieves what his vying for at the Senate it is we the people of Nasarawa State that will be the first beneficiaries. On the aspect of Hon. Wadada eyeing to be a minister, n fact I pray that he gets it. Hon. Wadada is a person that politics in Nasarawa State can’t be completed without him. Secondly, if he’s able to achieve that position it’s something that all of us will enjoy. He has the wherewithal to get the said political office. So i wish him success.
What is your aspiration in the coming dispensation as a politician?
As far as I’m concerned everything comes from God. We have the believe that the in coming governor elect has the qualities to take Nasarawa State to the next level. As for me where our expertise and our ability considering the services that we have rendered. We are ever ready whenever we are call to contribute our qota towards the developmental processes of the state.

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