Day Nasarawa State Internal Revenue Service (NSIRS) Celebrated Excellence

By Ibrahim Mohammed, Lafia
Recently Nasarawa State Internal Revenue Service (NSIRS) organized its Maiden Edition of the End of Year Dinner & Award Night. The event took place at the prestigious 1st Crown Luxury Hotel in Lafia and was graced by the presence of His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel A. Akabe, the Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State, representing Governor Abdullahi A. Sule.
The NSIRS End of Year Dinner & Award Night was a remarkable evening dedicated to celebrating success, expressing gratitude, and recognizing outstanding contributions. It served as a platform to honor individuals and organizations that have played a significant role in the growth and development of Nasarawa State. This event not only showcased the NSIRS’s commitment to excellence but also highlighted their dedication to fostering strong partnerships.
The evening commenced with heartfelt expressions of appreciation from the NSIRS, as they extended their gratitude to all attendees for their unwavering support and hard work in advancing the progress of Nasarawa State. Deputy Governor Dr. Emmanuel A. Akabe emphasized the crucial role of effective revenue generation in driving sustainable development, commending the NSIRS for their exceptional efforts in this regard.
Guests were treated to a delightful culinary experience curated by the talented chefs of the 1st Crown Luxury Hotel. The elegant ambiance set the stage for networking and the exploration of potential collaborations that would further enhance the prosperity of Nasarawa State.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the awards ceremony, eagerly anticipated by all. The NSIRS honored exceptional individuals and organizations across various categories, including Tax Compliance Excellence, Innovative Revenue Generation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Outstanding Partnership with NSIRS.
Each award recipient was recognized for their outstanding achievements and remarkable contributions to revenue generation, economic growth, and community development. These individuals and organizations exemplified a strong commitment to meeting their tax obligations, implementing innovative strategies to generate revenue, and making a positive impact through their corporate social responsibility initiatives.
The NSIRS End of Year Dinner & Award Night not only celebrated the accomplishments of the past year but also served as an inspiration for future endeavors. It underscored the importance of collaboration and collective effort in achieving success.
As the event drew to a close, it was evident that the Maiden Edition of the NSIRS End of Year Dinner & Award Night had left a lasting impact on all attendees. It created an atmosphere of celebration, unity, and aspiration, highlighting the immense potential for growth and development in Nasarawa State.
With the resounding success of the inaugural event, the NSIRS has set the stage for future editions of the End of Year Dinner & Award Night. This tradition will continue to recognize and honor exceptional individuals and organizations while inspiring others to strive for excellence and contribute to the prosperity of Nasarawa State.
The NSIRS End of Year Dinner & Award Night was a momentous occasion that celebrated success, recognized outstanding individuals and organizations, and fostered a spirit of collaboration and growth. It served as a reminder that through collective effort and a commitment to excellence, Nasarawa State can continue to thrive and achieve remarkable success.

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