LG election: Nasarawa Eggon with 127,000 registered voters given only 90,000 ballots

Local government election in Nasarawa state continues to suffer more setbacks as the exercise is yet to commence in many parts of the state.

Reports monitored by The EYEWITNESS reveals that in Nasarawa Eggon local government, as at midday election materials were yet to be distributed to the polling units in the local government.

The uncertainty on how to distribute the election materials arose due to the fact that of the 127,000 registered voters in the local government, only 90,000 ballot papers were supplied for the election.

However, at about 12:30pm it was agreed that the ballot papers be shared in percentages. Consequently, each ward was to be given 30.000 short of the the required number to enable the exercise to commence.

Stay with The EYEWITNESS for more update….

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