Securing Nasarawa’s Destiny: Governor Sule’s Comprehensive Strategy for Peace and Development

Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has embarked on a multifaceted approach to combat insecurity, recognizing its crucial role in fostering economic development, especially in light of recent oil and gas discoveries and abundant solid mineral resources in the state. The Governor’s efforts have significantly contributed to restoring peace and stability, creating an environment conducive to attracting investments and driving socio-economic growth.

Governor Sule prioritized security as a cornerstone of his administration, initiating various bold strategies aimed at addressing security challenges comprehensively. He bolstered the operational capabilities of security agencies in the state by distributing 42 operational vehicles to key entities like the Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air Force, and others. This step has since been expanded, with over 129 additional operational vehicles provided to enhance security personnel mobility across the state’s 13 local government areas.

To address emerging security threats proactively, Governor Sule convened regular security council meetings involving key stakeholders and engaged with neighboring states to foster regional collaboration in combating cross-border crimes. His administration also signed the Nasarawa State Kidnapping Act Prohibition Law, imposing stringent penalties on kidnappers to deter criminal activities and ensure public safety.

Recognizing the importance of community engagement in ensuring security, Governor Sule inaugurated the state Community Policing Advisory Council and enhanced existing Community-Based Conflict Mechanisms. These initiatives empower local communities to actively participate in securing their neighborhoods, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration in maintaining peace and order.

Governor Sule established military super camps, police formations, and created a dedicated ministry overseeing security matters, ensuring a coordinated and efficient response to security challenges. His administration has implemented a robust institutional framework, including collaborations with the military, Airforce, and Nigeria Police Force to strengthen security architecture.

Peace and security are indispensable for economic progress, as they create a stable environment conducive to investment and growth. Governor Sule’s initiatives have not only restored peace but also paved the way for increased foreign direct investment, harnessing the state’s economic potential through the exploitation of natural resources. The relative stability achieved under his leadership has positioned Nasarawa State for sustainable development and prosperity.

Governor Abdullahi Sule’s unwavering commitment to security, coupled with his proactive approach, collaborative engagements, and institutional reforms, has significantly improved the security landscape in Nasarawa State. By prioritizing peace and stability, the Governor has laid a solid foundation for the state’s socio-economic advancement and prosperity, ensuring a promising future for its residents and investors alike.

Chief Phillips Dada, (Ajiyan Karu) .
Former Secretary to the Government of Nasarawa State (SSG)

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