Tinubu’s Presidential Triumph, from Hurdles to Hope, encourages National Unity – Lawani

…. Says Tinubu is fixing the crack, damning the constituencies

By Edwin Philip, Lafia

The former deputy governor of Benue state, His excellency Mr. Steven Lawani has said President Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidential ambition started with a lot of hurdles which he overcome to secure the position.
Lawani commended Tinubu’s efforts in an interview with our correspondent recently saying the president is fostering a more inclusive Nigeria through his appointments, thus invoking a sense of national unity.
Reflecting on the challenges faced by Tinubu during his presidential campaign, Lawani shed light on the obstacles that were overcome. “Tinubu passed through the eagle eye before becoming the president of Nigeria,” Lawani stated.
He mentioned the currency swap issue and other related matters, which were intended to undermine Tinubu’s bid for the presidential ticket. Despite these challenges, Tinubu managed to persevere and succeed.
Lawani further noted the positive impact of Tinubu’s short time in office. He commended the president for his efforts in ensuring that all regions of Nigeria were adequately represented in his appointments, which, according to Lawani, had begun to foster a sense of national unity. “The people are beginning to feel the ‘one Nigeria’ we have been preaching about,” he added.
Expressing his willingness to work in Tinubu’s administration if given the opportunity, Lawani asserted that he possessed the necessary skills and experience. He expressed his satisfaction with the president’s early actions since assuming office, indicating his readiness to contribute to the success of Tinubu’s administration.
As a former deputy governor and veteran of the banking sector, Lawani also commended Tinubu’s choice of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Sen. Geroge Akume, whom he referred to as a friend and brother.
Lawani highlighted the qualifications of the SGF, who had previously served as a governor, three-time senator, and federal minister. He applauded Tinubu for selecting a highly qualified individual for the important role.
Lawani urged the Nigerian populace to rally round President Tinubu and support his vision for a better Nigeria. He called for unity and encouraged citizens to work together towards the collective goal of national development.

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