Home News Nasarawa Varsity to demot unqualified Profs, Phd Holders, others – Committee

Nasarawa Varsity to demot unqualified Profs, Phd Holders, others – Committee

Nasarawa Varsity to demot unqualified Profs, Phd Holders, others – Committee

By Christopher  Dari, Keffi

The committee of repositioning of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, NSUK, set up by the institute’s Governing Council headed by Prof. Adamu Beikie ordered by the visitor to the institution, the Governor of the state, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, has submitted it’s finall report to the management and some stakeholders of NSUK last week at the post graduate school auditorium, saying that staff with skeletons in their cupboards would be penalized accordingly.

The Chairman of the committee, Prof.George Akwanashi, said that when the University was established in 2001 the founding fathers were focused in respect of its standard lamenting that in recent years the standard has fallen, adding that the founding fathers of NSUK were ashamed of it’s deminishing status in virtually all ramifications.

Prof.Olu Jegede who took his time to review the Outcome of the report on behalf of the committee members said they came across so many abnormalities in the course of discharging their duties which as a result NSUK standard has fallen beyond the required academic excellence, saying that if state government and NSUK management would implement their reports without fear or favour, the institution will regain it’s past glory.

In his words:” We are convinced that the people of this state as articulated by Governor Al-makura have a right to say that NSUK will once again become a true center of excellent and we do believe that the time is now. It is not a matter of proclamation rather it’s a matter of very hard work and a willingness to take a very good decision and ensure that the reports are implemented.

“In recent past the university as I said has developed in the areas of management, programs, academics and other procedures. Our reports intend to extricate the university from a largely self imposed negative acts, disposition tp weaknesses which is great in its self. This problem did not drop from the sky. We have the foundation and the inaction of various individuals that brought the university where it is today”.

“The education status of the prospective students of the state propelled the state government to starting this university, by saying everybody most be educated.

“The immediate past council of the university for whatever reason, held lectures only 6 times in four years that they were in office instead of twelve times. The one that was even unfortunate was a very important meeting of the council for F&GPC meeting which never met and yet, that is the body that supposed to look at the budget and approve it and translate it to council for necessary approvals, that means for the past said four years there were no proper records for practical budget and yet somethings were implemented.”

“So if you are in the administration for the last four years, then generally you operated it illigally. We also discovered that during this period no advertisment of vacancies were made rendering a lot of people in a temporary status. All contract staff who have overstay beyond their contract arrangements should immediately be disengaged from services of the university and to also return all money they have been receiving since the expiration of their contract and all contract staff who have been promoted should be demoted to their initial ranks because that is what the law says.

“Those promoted to associate professors and professors under review and were not assessed by the external assessors, our committee cannot value them and nobody should recognize them either. If you retired as a professor and you come here you should be employed as an associate professor and not a professor”. Professor Adamu Beikie and Professor Sulieman Mohammed, the Chairman Governing Council and the Acting VC of NSUK respectively, in their separate remarks thanked the members of the committee for accepting the responsibility and concluding the assignment within the stipulated time assuring them of their readiness to implement reports appropriately, adding that if another need arises they will seek for their assistance again owing to the fact that they were personalities of proven integrity and standard.

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